Movie Reviews – May & June 2021

Helllloooo Everybody!


I want to share the movies I saw the last couple months!  Usually James and I don’t watch very many movies, but since the theaters opened back up, and we were both unemployed, we went on a couple movie dates.  We had a lot of fun, and we plan on making it a regular date activity.



The first movie we saw during our two month movie run was Unholy.  This was my favorite movie out of the four we saw.  The plot revolves around a once deaf girl who can now hear due to a visit from the Virgin Mary (ya know, Jesus’ momma).  The girl claims Mary is communicating with her to share her message blah blah blah.  There is a washed up journalist who is covering the story who we follow as well.  The plot and acting were good, but the really great pieces were that the movie is based on a true story AND it is a part of the Conjuring universe.  The Conjuring universe is probably my favorite cinematic world, so I was thrilled when I learned that information.

Overall, Unholy was my favorite movie out of the four we saw, and it deserves an 8/10.



Spiral is a SAW movie.  If you’ve ever seen a SAW movie, you know how incredibly gruesome they are.  This one was no exception – I was cringing into James seemingly every ten minutes!  While the plot was the same as every other SAW movie, and it had the same gruesome factor, the cast was a-mazing.  Chris Rock plays the main character, Samuel L. Jackson plays his father, and Max Minghella plays his partner.  For those of you who don’t know, Max Minghella is the deliciously beautiful actor who plays Nick in the Handmaid’s Tale TV series on Hulu.  If it weren’t for the cast, I probably would’ve given the movie a 4/10 due to the repetitiveness of SAW movies.

Overall, Spiral gets a 7/10, only because the cast was A1.

A Quiet Place II


If you saw the first Quiet Place movie, there’s no way you haven’t seen the second one yet.  The first one was spectacular and heart-wrenching.  The second one, however, was good, but not great.  It did a great job of continuing the story line from the first movie, but I didn’t feel as empathetic towards the characters.  My heart broke in the first one, and I was rooting for the family the whole time.  Not that I wasn’t doing that this time around, but it just wasn’t the same.  The ending was spectacular, and totally leaves room for a third movie.

Overall, I preferred the first movie, but the ending to this one was grand.  6/10.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


Honestly, this movie disappointed me.  I am a HUGE fan of the Conjuring universe movies, my favorite one probably being The Nun.  However, The Devil Made Me Do It was just not it.  There were little to no jump scares, the plot was pretty bland, and I didn’t really feel any empathy for the characters.  Overall, it was pretty ‘eh,’ and the only reason it’s getting a 5/10 is because it’s a part of the Conjuring universe.

Overall, The Devil Made Me Do It left much to be desired, despite it being a Conjuring movie. 5/10

What’s the latest movie you’ve seen?

Much Love,


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