Birth Chart – Sun Sign

Helllooooo Everybody!


Are you into astrology?  Are you a total expert?  Or are you a total novice?  For me, I’m somewhere in the middle.

I find the topic of astrology very interesting.  How is it possible that the way the planets, moons, and stars were aligned at the time and place of your birth control so much of your personality?

If you’re a bit skeptical, don’t worry.  I am too.  However, the deeper I dig, the more intrigued I get.  Today, I’m going to discuss what I understand to be the one of the three most important parts of one’s birth chart: your sun sign.  If desired, I will discuss the moon and rising signs in later posts.  I’m going to discuss what each sign means and how it’s supposed to affect me, and I am going to point out any “red flags,” or things that aren’t really true about myself despite what the astrology gods are saying otherwise.

Let’s hop to it.

*Disclaimer:  I got all of my info, including the picture of my birth chart, from

Below is my official birth chart. It lists which sign was in each planet when I was born.  For reference, I was born on March 2, 1998 at 1:52am.  Today, I’m just going to focus on my sun sign.  In later posts, I will focus on my moon and rising signs.  From what I’ve gathered, those are the most important parts of your birth chart.

Sun Sign

One’s sun sign is the most commonly referred to one.  When someone asks you your sign, you respond with your sun sign.  Per Cafe Astrology, “the sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality and outward shining creative energy.”  In short, this means your sun shine is your identity; it is how you express and identify yourself.

My sun sign is a Pisces (where my Pisces bitches at????).  Pisces is the last house in the astrological calendar, which leads people to believe that there is a little bit of each sign within Pisces’ placements.  This leads Pisces to be very open minded and understanding people who can relate to others from all different backgrounds.  I can agree with this because my entire life, no matter who I meet, I always relate to them in some shape or form.  Whether it’s an interest or hobby, financial situation, occupation, or school experience, there’s always something I can share with each person I meet, no matter who they are.

Pisces are also known to be very misunderstood and discontent, often searching for understanding their whole lives.  I can totally, 100% say this is true.  My whole life I have constantly asked “why?”  I have to, need to, know the reason behind everything, otherwise I’m not satisfied.  My mother can attest to this.  She has said numerous times that I always had to know “why” when I was a child.  I still ask this question very often, at the age of 23.  I’ve also consistently felt like no one understands me as a person, but I have the worst time describing myself and my feelings.  

As for feeling discontent, I constantly feel like I’m looking toward the next step in my life.  When I was in high school, all I could think about was graduating.  When I was engaged, all I could think about was getting married.  Now that I’m married, all I can think about is the next steps: buying a house and having babies.  It’s been an endless cycle my entire life.  I find that quote describing that it’s important to appreciate what you have now, what you worked so hard to achieve, and stop looking toward the next step.  Enjoy what you have now before it’s gone.

Here are other traits of Pisces suns that I can relate to:

  • Glorified, glamorized suffering (I revel in being in emotion pain; it’s like my brand)
  • Self pity (*see above) (it is said this where our bouts of energy come from.  We feel sorry for ourselves, then come out of it with a spring in our steps.)
  • Angsty (Again, bring on the suffering)
  • Compassion
  • NOT the business type (I HATE corporate America)
  • Sensitive to criticism (YES!  Please do NOT say anything mean to me or I will spiral into a melty pile of self-pity)

Now, I’m going to get into the things that I don’t exactly agree with or relate to.

“Pisces have a deep love for humanity, and are not aggressive people.”  I’m sorry, what?  I cannot stand humanity.  The human race is a cult of ridiculousness and I’m embarrassed to be a part of it.  Animals, however, I will do anything for.  So that statement is a bit backwards.

As for not being aggressive, I beg to differ.  I am incredibly aggressive, especially if I know you and am comfortable around you.  Ask any friend I’ve ever had; ask my husband; I am a very aggressive person.

Another thing that made me chuckle was the belief that all Pisces are creative people who are “allergic to shopping lists and directions.”  Now, I’m not saying I’m not creative, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself particularly blessed with the gift of creativity.  I’d give myself an average C+, maybe a B, depending on the subject.  Part of me also feels like I just have untapped potential because lately I’ve been paying better attention to myself, and I’ve realized I can take a mundane idea and roll it into a more poetic, cohesive piece or project.  So maybe the star gods are right and I am creative: pending decision.

The whole “allergic to shopping lists and directions” is a load of boohockey (Friends, anyone?).  There is no way I’m going into any store without a list.  Going into any store without a list is a recipe for disaster.  And directions?  If I am going ANYWHERE new you best believe I have Apple Maps hooked up to my car to take me there.  There is no way I could mentally handle being lost.

To sum it up, the star gods have got a pretty good hold on me.  As a Pisces, I am an understanding and compassionate pile of suffering and self-pity.  Supposedly creative and allergic to order, I enjoy “feeling my way through life.” 


What is your sun sign?  Any fellow Pisces out there? I’d love to hear about you! 

Want to read more about my birth chart?  Let me know!

Much Love,


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