Moving Series: All About Our New Place!

Helloooooo Everybody!

It’s been about one month since James and I moved into our new apartment.  About six weeks ago I posted about why we were moving (aka transferring to a different apartment within our complex).  I talked about how borderline awful our (at the time) current apartment was, and why we needed a change.  What I didn’t tell y’all about is how great our new apartment was going to be!

The main reason I didn’t talk about how great our new place was going to be is because tbh:  I hadn’t seen it.  All I had to look off of was the floorplan on our complex’s website.  All I knew is that we were moving from a 635sqft 2×1 that was halfway underground, to a 1,075sqft 2×2 that was actually on the ground, not beneath it.  I also knew the master bathroom had a walk-in closet, and there was a laundry room with a washer/dryer hookup.

Y’all probably think I’m completely crazy to move into a unit that I hadn’t seen before.  Remember though: my dad is a supervisor for the complex I live in, so I know a little more about the buildings and what not than the average resident.  Besides the obvious, I also knew the building we were moving to was built in the ‘00s, not the ‘70s like our original apartment.

Here we go…

Going into this moving process I knew of a few pros and cons that were going to be present.  I knew that almost all of the maintenance guys lived in this building.  This is a pro because I know most of them because of my dad.  Knowing who my neighbors are just gives me a good piece of mind.  This building is also about 30 years younger than our previous own.  The main highlight?  Our water gets hotter SO much faster.  I used to have to wait a good five minutes in the winter for the faucet to run warm water so I could wash my face or get in the shower.  Another pro (to me at least) is that we’re only moving across the street, and we’ll be closer to my parents.  Yes, I live in the same complex as my parents. Yes, I used to live across the street from them.  Yes, we moved closer to them; we’ve moved into the same building actually.  Judge me all you want for being a 22 year-old who lives next door to her mommy and daddy, but at least I live on my own and pay all my bills myself, unlike some people.

Of course, there are a couple cons to this move.  The first one is flat out moving is a huge pain in the ass.  Luckily we had some help, but it was a huge cause of stress and anxiety attacks the weeks leading up to moving.  Another con is the parking situation.  I knew for a fact that parking at this building was going to be horrendous, especially with me working such odd hours I knew I’d never get a good spot.  I usually have to park across the street instead of right up in front of the building.  This isn’t the biggest deal in the world; it is definitely a mid-west first world problem to have.  The biggest con though? The price, which is probably pretty obvious.  A bigger place in a newer building definitely comes with a price hike.  We’re paying about $250 more per month than we were in our old place.  It’s definitely quite the jump, but we can handle it.

First Thoughts

Holy heck.  This place is massive!  We hadn’t seen the apartment until we picked up the keys.  All we had seen was the floorplan on the property’s website.  I about lost it when we walked in for the first time.

I don’t even know where to begin because it’s so great.  Let me start at the beginning.  First, we actually have a coat closet.  The main bathroom is MASSIVE compared to our old one.  There’s actually space to walk, counterspace, and a lot of storage space under the sink.  

The second bedroom is the size of the bigger bedroom in our old place.  Right now we have James’ L-shaped desk, a loveseat, Syd, and some storage drawers, and there’s STILL plenty of room to walk around.

The master bedroom is absolutely MASSIVE.  There is so much room!  What’s really cool to me is the master bathroom vanity is actually a part of the bedroom/not in the actual bathroom.  Oh, and there’s a walk-in closet!  It’s huge!! Plenty of room to purchase even more clothes to fill my heart.  My only complaint is there is no door to the master bath??? It’s just wide open.  It’s really not a big deal, just kind of strange.  I learned there is no door because our apartment is handicap accessible, and if there was a door it would not be compliant with the regulations for handicap accessible units.

The living/dining room is huge!!  The living area honestly isn’t much bigger than our old place, but the dining area??? I actually have room for a dining table!!  To be honest I could probably have a pretty big dining table, and still have plenty of room to spare.

The kitchen?? Oh. My. Lord.  I actually have counter space?? And drawers?? And a pantry!?!  I have so much storage space now that I can fit everything comfortably, instead of cramming everything together and having no room to cook or bake.  My only complaint about the kitchen is we don’t have an ice maker.  It’s not a huge deal, but I feel like it’s incredibly weird to have a fridge in a nice apartment with no ice maker, especially since our old place had one.  It’s even weirder because I’m pretty sure this fridge is newer than the other one.  Again, it’s not a huge deal, just an inconvenience.

Last, but not least… I have a laundry room!  I don’t have to pay $3.50 to do a load of laundry!  I don’t have to put pants on to do my laundry!  We scored a great deal and got a matching washer/dryer set from Facebook Marketplace for $200.  It’s Roper brand, which is made by Whirlpool. According to my dad Whirlpool is a good washer/dryer manufacturer, and he knows how to work on them, so if we ever have any issues he’ll be able to fix them.  There were actually a couple issues with both the washer and dryer, but my dad was able to fix them within about half an hour, and we only spent about $30 for the parts we needed.  Shoutout to the best dad in the world, who can fix literally anything and everything.  I wish there was more storage space in the laundry room, but we have a secluded place to put the litter box (it used to be in our living room), so I really can’t complain.

Oh, one last thing: we moved into the same building as my parents. I know, I know. A 22 year-old moving closer, to the same building, as her parents? What’s wrong with her? I just really love my family, okay? Don’t judge, please.

To sum it up: our new apartment is MASSIVE and AMAZING.  I am so so happy with this change in our lives.  I can definitely see us staying here until we buy a house someday down the line. This move had definitely been a major life upgrade.

A home tour will be coming as soon as I get everything painted and set-up!  Be on the lookout for that post!

Much Love,


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