My Favorite Amazon Products of April & May 2020

Helloooooo Everybody!


This is a list of my Amazon purchases for the months of April and May 2020.  I hope you can find something worth splurging on!  (And by splurge, I mean reasonably priced purchase because ya girl is always looking for deals)


Home Items:

I bought this shoe organizer for our bedroom closet door.  We have a walk in closet now, but I didn’t want all of the floor space to be my shoes, so I got this to put my tennis shoes, sandals, and flats that I don’t wear every day in.


I ordered this spice rack so I could have a neat and organized place for all of my spices.  Before we moved, we had a kitchen cabinet shelf dedicated to all of our spices, and BOY LET ME TELL YOU: it was a mess.  This spice rack hangs on the wall, so it doesn’t take up cabinet space OR counter space!


I ordered this set of two corner shelves, and I love them!  I’m trying to go for a more minimalistic approach to decorating, and having one of these in a corner with a couple succulents really makes that dream come alive.  I got them for a pretty good deal, too.


Of course I had to get some new bedding for our “big” move.  I got this comforter for only $30!  I love the design and the colors go perfect with our room.


I decided that our bedroom needed a rug to help brighten the room since all of our furniture is dark.  I wanted a good deal, so I did some hunting and found this gem!  It’s totally perfect for our space, and our cat Dally loves napping on it.


I want to give James’ desk a shout-out.  I got it for him for Christmas last year, and it’s been really great.  He specifically wanted an L shaped desk, but I wasn’t about to spend $300 on it.  This one was a total steal, and is good quality!


Okay so these products I didn’t get in May, but I had to shout them out.  The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and plugs are amazing!  We use them every single day for our lights, fan, and to check the weather.  I will say, the specific Amazon brand smart plugs are the way to go.  We’ve used some off-brand ones that are compatible with the Echo products, but they’re a bit of a pain to set up.



Personal Items


I had been wanting some hair scarves for a while, but didn’t want to spend $10 on just a couple.  I found this pack of 12 for $12!  They are so cute and come in great colors!  I wear them probably twice a week.  I’ve been ditching my regular black scrunchie for these babes!


If you didn’t know, ya girl is pale.  I’m beyond pasty white.  I’m practically translucent; I glow in the dark.  I finally found a self-tanner that doesn’t turn me orange!  The Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun is perfect for me.  One coat makes me look like I’m healthy and alive, and if I put on another coat the next day, I look like a curvy sun-kissed goddess.  My only complaint is I have trouble getting it on the tops of my hands.  I can put it on first, do the rest of my body, then rinse my hands off so my palms don’t turn orange, but it comes off the tops of my hands too, so I end up having marks where it was rinsed off my hands.  If anyone has any tips on how to fix this but not have orange palms let me know, please!

Last but not least, I got these pet carriers to move the kitties from our old apartment to our new one.  I love these because they’re mesh on all sides, so my babies can see outside any way they turn.  They came with a nice carrying handle, and were sturdy for my pudgy children.



There ya have it!  Those are all of my Amazon purchases for the month of May 2020.  This was a lengthy list for me, but when you’re moving you gotta shop at least a little bit, right?  What are your recent Amazon finds?

Much Love,


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