My Favorite YouTubers ATM (Spring 2020)

Helloooooo Everybody!


Who all here watches Youtube?  I DO.  I possibly watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube.  We don’t have cable at my apartment, and I’ve been having issues with Netflix working on our Fire Sticks (if anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE HELP ME), so YouTube is my go-to for watching content.  I want to share with y’all my favorite YouTubers atm.

I’m going to start out with my nerdy guilty pleasure, Arglefumph.  Within the past month I have discovered Arglefumph.  First of all, his name is hilarious. He posts playthroughs of all of the beloved Her Interactive Nancy Drew computer games.  I spent the bulk of my childhood playing and replaying all of the games.  I watched my mom play them, then I started playing them.  I was totally hooked on Nancy Drew.  There’s an abundance of games (although there could be more, but there’s not due to a certain company having severe issues with production, but that’s a rant for another day) with all sorts of different settings and storylines.  Basically, Nancy Drew games are the best computer games you could ever purchase.

Arglefumph recently made a massive playlist where he played every single Nancy Drew game in order of release date.  Thank you, quarantine, for making this possible.  Arglefumph is totally me when playing the games: judging the characters’ choices, talking to Nancy when she’s not making sense, and getting frustrated when things get rather repetitive or annoying, for lack of a better word.

My favorite thing about Arglefumph is he solves every puzzle like a badass.  He cuts through them like they’re softened butter. Coming from someone who always had to cheat and google solutions to the ameuture detective puzzles, he’s a star.

He also has two adorable little girls.  I absolutely adore when he lets them play with him.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for dad’s hanging out with their kids.

Y’all have heard of BuzzFeed, right?  I swear they’re anywhere and everywhere you can make content.  One of their many YouTube channels is Buzzfeed Multiplayer, which is a team of Buzzfeed employee gamers.  My absolute favorite thing is the 100 Baby Challenge on the Sims 4 that Kelsey is doing.  The concept of the challenge is so bizarre.  100 babies with 100 different baby daddies?  That’s so gross to think about but it’s just so damn comical.  Watching Kelsey try to manage the matriarch and seven children with no cheats keeps me laughing each episode.  I am SO SO happy season two is here!

The next two YouTubers are mine and my fiance James’ favorites.  We always watch a video made by one of the two at every meal, and we are not allowed to watch without the other.  Cute, right?

Have my babies, please, Markiplier.  My oh my is he handsome.  Aside from being a beautiful human, he is pretty funny and makes great content.  He is also a gamer YouTuber, so most of his videos are of him playing video games.  My most recent favorite series from him is his videos where he plays Humans Fall Flat with his friends Bob and Wade.  Every time the three of them play together, I practically roll on the floor and hyperventilate because I’m laughing so hard the entire video.  If you’re looking for something to watch with your gamer man, I definitely suggest checking him out.

The other YouTuber, or, well, YouTubers that James and I watch together are The Try Guys.  I’ve been with The Try Guys since they were at Buzzfeed.  I fell in love with all four of them, and I was (and still am) so happy for and proud of  them for building their own successful company.  I honestly don’t think we have a favorite series or a favorite video from them.  Everything they film is just so good and entertaining.  Triceratops 4 lyfe, yo.

Okay.  These next three are my #1s.  My favorites.  The best.  I can’t go a week without watching some sort of content from them.  Here they are:

Safiya Nygaard is one of my top three YouTubers.  I adore her so much!  I started watching her casually when she was at Buzzfeed, but I became an absolute massive Saf fan when she became independent and started her own thing.  She is so creative, funny, pretty, and just overall amazing.  I really wish she posted more often because I adore her so much.  In her defense, it seems like all of her videos take a lot of behind-the-scenes work, so I totally understand.  Oh, and btw I totally ship Tyler and Crusty.

Simply Nailogical is my QUEEN.  I love her so much.  She is literally just a regular person, who lives a regular life, but has an obsession with painting her nails.  That’s literally it.  She is so down-to-Earth and easy to relate to.  She works a regular job, I work a regular job.  She has two cats, I have two cats.  She likes having her nails done, I like having my nails done.  Her hair is her security blanket, my hair is my security blanket.  Like we’re literally the same.  She’s so funny, too.  And Ben?  He’s so attractive, and has such a soothing voice.  On top of that he’s funny too; he’s definitely the complete package.  Their relationship is so sweet.  Zyler and Menchie are the best.  Their whole family is my favorite.

I’ve been really into their podcast lately, SimplyPodLogical.  They talk about actually interesting topics and take the world seriously, but not too seriously (plus a cat cam). You know?  They’re the best.

And my final favorite is… Sierra Schultzzie!  I started watching Sierra about a year and a half ago.  I binged almost all of her videos in just a few days when I first discovered her.  She is such a light of inspiration in my life.  I really relate to her, and she keeps it real.  I love how open and raw she is about her life.  I really look up to her and pray that I get to meet and have a conversation with her one day!  Her body positivity has really helped me feel comfortable with how I look.  She oozes confidence and I aspire to be just like her.  I love Sierra’s main channel, vlog channel, and podcast channel.  I watch them all pretty consistently!

There you have it!  My favorite YouTubers!  Who are your favorite YouTubers?  Have any recommendations?  Let me know!

Much Love,


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