Moving Series | Why We’re Moving

Helloooooo Everybody!


Welcome to the first installation of the 2020 Moving Series!  This post will be all about why we’re moving.  Let’s get into it.


I moved into our current apartment in January of 2018, and James moved in that April.  We’ve been here for over two years, and I’m about to end my shit over this apartment.

We are in a 635sqft two bedroom one bath apartment halfway underground.  The bottoms of our windows sit flush with the outside ground, and there are bushes in front of ⅔ of our windows, so we get practically no natural light.  Natural light is very important to me.  I have a vitamin D deficiency (which really isn’t the main reason I’m bothered by the situation but it definitely doesn’t help), and the sunlight just tends to make me feel better in the aspect of my mental health.  Living without an abundance of natural light has really taken a toll on me the past two and a half years.  It’s annoying.

You’re probably thinking: a two bedroom one bath is plenty of room for a couple!  Tbh it sounds good on paper, but it’s just not working for us any more.  I’m fine with the size of the living room and bedrooms.  What I’m not okay with is how incredibly tiny the bathroom, kitchen, and dining space are.  I love baking, and since moving out I’ve gotten more interested in cooking, but the kitchen is so damn small that I don’t ever do either because I can’t enjoy myself.  There’s not even enough room to hold all of our food.  We literally have packaged food all over the top of the fridge and in the back corner of the countertop because we only have one small cabinet to keep it in!  It’s ridiculous!

Now, the bathroom, oh my lord.  There is absolutely no storage space.  There’s a small cabinet under the sink.  That’s it.  There’s no room to put any extra storage in there.  I can’t put any behind/over the toilet storage against the wall because there’s a towel rack above the toilet.  I can’t install any shelves or anything because there’s no wall space! The ceiling is literally like six and a half feet tall (i’m 5’5 and can touch the ceiling just by reaching up), so I can’t put anything shelving or storage high up.  There’s also very little counter space, which makes it difficult to get ready (there’s nowhere to put my skincare or makeup supplies!).

Then, there’s the dining space.  The designated dining space measures 5×7.  One side has the entrance to the tiny kitchen, the back wall is a closet, and another side opens to the living room.  Where in the world am I going to put an actual dining table and chairs?  Literally the only thing you can fit there, that still makes the area accessible, is maybe a little bistro table and two small bar stools.  That might work for some people, but not for me.  I want an actual table that sits four people, please.  We have a nice sized dining table and chairs, but we don’t even keep it there because nothing would be accessible if we did.  It’s pushed into a corner in our spare bedroom.  I want to have access to a table in my dining/living space!


To sum it up, we’ve outgrown our tiny, dark apartment.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great starter apartment for two people.  I just spend so much time at home (especially these days), and I want it to be my happy place.  My happy place needs to cater to my needs, and this one just doesn’t do it.

Our new place is much bigger, has two bathrooms, and isn’t halfway underground.  By the time this posts, we will have just a few days until the move.  James and I are so so excited, and I can’t wait to show y’all our new place!

Much Love,


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