Better Habits 2020

Helloooooo Everybody!


Today’s post is going to be about my goals for having better habits in 2020.  Yes, I know it’s almost halfway through the year, but hear me out.

I’ve never been able to get on board with having new goals and aspirations at the start of the year.  Nothing really significant inspires me to change at the start of the year.  It’s still winter, it’s freezing, and I’m falling into a pit of depressed despair due to the lack of sunlight and decent weather every day.  I get more inspired to upgrade my life in the spring/early summer.  The cold is gone, there are refreshing thunderstorms, and flowers are blooming.  To me, that’s the start of the new year.  The change of seasons in nature sparks new beginnings and inspirations.

So, here are my aspirations for the “new” year.


My first goal is to drink more water, and less pop and tea.  I drink a venti coffee everyday when I wake up, then I try to drink water for the rest of the day.  I try to only drink pop when I’m at a sit down restaurant.  The main reason for this isn’t because I crave pop or miss it or anything (although occasionally I will crave a coke from my favorite Mexican place), it’s because I can’t stand restaurant water.  It’s so dang nasty to me.  Even if I get extra lemons, it’s still so gross.  I normally save the tea and juice for when I’m out and about.  I love sipping on cold tea or juice (Starbucks’ Refreshers, anyone??)  while I’m shopping and running errands, or hanging out at Starbucks.

I’ve been working on replacing my daily drinks (besides coffee) with water, but I also need to just flat-out consume more water.  I invested in a 32oz Camelbak water bottle, and I bring it to work everyday.  On the days I work I try to drink 96oz, but it usually ends up being around 64-80oz (2 to 2 ½ bottles).  On the days I don’t work, I really struggle with drinking even 64oz.  It’s just not on my mind to drink and stay hydrated while I’m chilling at home.  It’s not that drinking that much water everyday is hard, it’s that remembering to drink more is hard.  Also, having to pee every fifteen minutes is hella annoying.


My next goal of 2020 is to read more.  Last fall James and I attended a Half Price Books warehouse sale, and I bought sooo many books!  How many have I read? Two.  It kills me because I love to read, but I never make the time to do it.  I’m currently in the middle of two different books, but hardly read them.  Maybe if I was in a book club I’d be more motivated?  If anyone has ideas let me know!  Maybe I can start one?


Maybe a bit more obvious goal of mine is to write more.  Spring has inspired me to be more creative.  I also want to document my life, even if no one reads it.  Big things are going to be happening the next few years, and I want to remember them!  I just need to hold myself accountable for posting periodically.  My goal is to post at least once a week, usually every Monday.


Another big goal of mine is to have fewer anxiety attacks and depressive episodes.  I’ve been doing really well the past year, and I want to continue that trend.  I want to try new coping techniques and find something that works.  Right now my instinct is to run to my mom, but I want to be able to handle it on my own.  If anyone has any tips or ideas, please share!


Overall, my 2020 goals are to be a healthier me.  I want a healthier body, a stimulated brain, and a plan to take care of myself when life spirals out of control.

Do you guys feel like spring is a better time to start new habits, or do you stick to the new year?  What goals have you had for this year and how are they panning out?  Let’s motivate each other!



Much Love,


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