Why the Twilight Saga is Fantastic | Midnight Sun

Heloooooo everybody!


If you haven’t heard, Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer just announced the release of Midnight Sun, a Twilight Saga prequel.  I decided now would be a good time to totally geek out on my ever-long Twilight obsession.

Let me clue you in on my history with the Twilight Saga.

It all started when I was in the fourth grade.  Twilight was the ultimate craze every bookworm was talking about, and boy did I want to read it.  My mom read them first, and decided it was okay for me to read the saga at the ripe age of ten.

Let me tell you, I TORE through those books.  They were so so good; they were the best books I had ever read.  The love Edward had for Bella was so beautiful.  He was so protective of her and so poetic.  I couldn’t wait to experience that love when I got older.  I blame Stephanie Meyer for making me a hopeless romantic in my tweens and my unrealistic expectations of romantic love that I’ve carried into adulthood.

I couldn’t tell you which book is my favorite, but I can tell you which is my least favorite.  New Moon is by far the worst book in the saga.  It’s not because of the way it was written, or how the plot flowed, or anything technical like that; it was the storyline.  Bella was in a deep depression, and my heart still physically ached for her.  How could Edward ghost her like that?  I was in just as much pain as Bella was.  However, the ending gave me such a rush of relief and happiness.  Although not the best book, New Moon is most definitely the biggest emotional rollercoaster of the saga.

New Moon is what really set-up the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob.  Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of love triangles.  I could’ve done without the Jacob-is-in-love-with-Bella thing, but the way Stephanie Meyer tied up that plot line in Breaking Dawn was absolute genius.  Despite not being a huge fan of the concept, Twilight had the ULTIMATE love triangle:  human, vampire, and werewolf?  Amazing.

Sidenote: if anyone’s wondering, I am 100% team Edward.


What’s really funny to me is when I was in the fifth grade, so when I was eleven or twelve years old, I read Breaking Dawn.  Before I began it, my mom paperclipped off a few chapters that I was not allowed to read.

Excuse me?  You’re forbidding me to read a section of the last book in my favorite book series? Funny. Hilarious, truly.

So, you know, I’m reading, and I come up to the “forbidden portion” of the book.  What part of the book is it?  The honeymoon.  Of course my mother clips off the honeymoon.  It’s bound to have sex, which I have no business in knowing nothing about, right?

I was SO excited to read about Edward and Bella’s honeymoon.  It’s the start of their marriage, and they’re going on vacation: how could I not read it?!  So you know what?  I read it.  Every single word on every single page of the forbidden, paperclipped section.  I’m damn glad I read it, too.  But what’s really weird to me is that after I read it, I was confused why my mom had clipped it off.  Nothing in it was very graphic or detailed?  Even to this day I don’t understand why my mom thought I shouldn’t have read it.

If you’re wondering: yes, my mom did find out I read the “forbidden portion” of the book.  I didn’t really get in trouble, though I never really ever did get it trouble for anything.  I was a good kid.  I think my mom was just more disappointed I didn’t obey her.  But tbh I had no remorse, and even more tbh: I still don’t.  It’s a damn good book and you can’t expect a bookworm to skip a part of the best book series ever.


The Twilight Saga is still in my top three collection of books, which I know is highly controversial.  SO many people don’t like Twilight, and I really don’t understand that.  Vampires, Werewolves, a love triangle, action, what is not to like?  It’s still strange to me that in this day and age people trash the saga so much, but I very clearly remember the hype around the whole franchise.  It went on for years!  Team Edward and Team Jacob calendars, office supplies, bedding, etc; literally anything they could brand Twilight, they did.


Let’s talk about the movies.  I think this is where the majority of the present hate comes from.  No, the movies were not the best.  Yes, the acting was kind of terrible.  I really don’t think they’re not that bad though?  If anything they don’t fully captivate the love Edward has for Bella, and, like literally every movie adaptation of a book, they leave out way too much.  I can easily see how someone who watched the movies but didn’t read the books thinks the whole franchise is way overrated and cheesy.  This is why I rarely ever watch the movie adaptation before I read the book.  The book is always, always better than the movie.  10/10, 100% a huge belief of mine.


Needless to say, I am absolutely STOKED about Midnight Sun!  From my understanding it is told in the POV of Edward, which I think will be really exciting and interesting.  I know we will be learning more about his past because it is a prequel to the saga.  In the original books Edward never really goes into detail about his past.  We know he was the first Cullen Carlisle created, and he was dying from the Spanish Flu in the 1800s when he was turned.  But really that’s about it, isn’t it?  I want to know Edward’s full life story: from the time he was a little boy up to meeting Bella, falling in love and battling to protect her, to watching Renesmee grow up.  I also want to know what the hell he was doing during that time he left Bella.

There’s no way one book is going to hold all of that information, unless it’s written more like a memoir, which I think would be cool.  It’s also known that the book is a prequel, so we likely won’t know anything about Edwards thoughts after he meets Bella.

I have absolutely no idea what this book will hold,  but I am so so excited to see what Stephanie Meyer has cooked up.  And maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll get more than one book.

Anyone else an avid Twilight fan?  What do you think Midnight Sun is going to be like?  I would LOVE to geek out with some people!


Much Love,


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