Hello: Here I am. My Life is Still a Mess (But Different).

Hellooooo everybody!


If you haven’t noticed I am like the biggest flake in the world.  I’ll be active for a couple months, then go away, and basically it’s that same cycle over and over again.  BUT I’m here now (for the time being at least).  My life is still a mess, but it’s TOTALLY different.


Okay I just looked to see what my last post was, and oh my Lord it was back in September 2019?!?!  It’s literally been ⅔ of a year. WHAT am I doing.  I’m slightly embarrassed.  There’s nothing I can do about it though, so might as well jump right in.

I’m going to be posting more in-depth/detailed posts about how my life is now, so I’ll just give a brief overview today.  🙂


Okay.  Let’s track back to where I left off.

September 2019

My life is a hole; a literal pit (probs why I stopped posting lol).  I started working at this marketing company (let’s just not talk about it).  I think that lasted like a month.  I’ve almost completely blocked out the whole experience because it’s just so embarrassing to me.  If y’all want an in-depth tell-all on my experience, let me know.  But for now, let’s just say I will NEVER work in sales ever, ever again.


October 2019

I literally landed my dream retail job: Target!!  Y’all.  Target is my life.  I can easily go there 2+ times a week (back in the day where you could actually go to the store and enjoy yourself.  Thank you, Covid).  I talked about that to my manager in my interview and tbh she probably still thinks I’m nuts but I don’t even care.  Target is a happy place for me.  It was a great experience.  I ended up working there for about two months before I found yet another job.


November 2019

I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare.  I’ve wanted to be a nurse for a long time.  God opened up a door for me in the medical field, only not in the form of patient care.  I received a job offer to do inpatient registration at a major hospital in Indianapolis.  How could I resist?  I immediately took it and started in early November, and I’m happy to report I’ve been there for six months. 🙂


December 2019

For the whole month of November I was working two jobs: Target and the hospital.  I had full intentions on keeping both jobs until Target let me go at the end of the year (it was a seasonal job), but I ended up quitting Target early in December because I was struggling with my new hospital schedule.  James and I had a good Christmas, and I entered the new decade working at the hospital.


January 2020

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Looking back, I wish I could have another boring month.


February 2020

James and I took a little trip to the mall on Feb 3, and left with a bridal ring set.  No, we weren’t engaged, but we had the rings!  We had to get my engagement ring re-sized (I have man hands), so we had to wait two weeks to get the ring back.

I was anticipating James proposing so much.  He kept telling me I had to wait a couple months.  Um, excuse me?  Multiple months?  I can hardly wait another day.  There wasn’t much I could do about it though.

I went to Chicago at the end of the month with my friend Jess.  It was my first time there and I had so much fun!!


March 2020

Annnnddd here’s where shit hit the fan.  I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and approximately two weeks later the entire U S of A was shut down.  Thank you, Covid-19.  One good thing did end up happening at the end of the month: James proposed!! There was absolutely nothing special about it, but it was still great and meaningful.


April 2020

The world is still in turmoil.  I’m still working.  Starbucks is closed.  I’m trying to start wedding planning (and it’s not going very well).  James didn’t work for a month, but finally went back at the end of the month.  OH another good thing!  We’re moving!


May 2020

Ah yes here we go.  Present day.  It’s moving month!  Indiana is about to begin opening back up.  I’m nervous for a second wave, but I guess we’ll see what happens.  I’m not focusing on wedding planning right now.  I ordered some stuff last month.  All that is on my to-do list this month is mail out our bridal party invites.  I’m totally focusing on moving this month, so I’ve been packing and planning and budgeting and all of that other fun stuff.



So that’s all that’s really happened since I last posted.  I didn’t realize that so much has happened recently!  It really feels like things are falling into place, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Have any questions?  Requests? Let me know!


Much Love,


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