The Best Office Supplies

Hello all.

As you may know, I started a new job back in April.  I went from customer service/retail to leasing/selling/desk job.  It had always been a dream of mine to work in a hardware store.  The smell reminded me of my dad, so I worked at Lowe’s for about 2 ½ years.  Another dream of mine had been to work a desk job. I have a strange fascination with office supplies.  Pens, markers, highlighters, sticky notes, planners.  Finally being able to work a desk job meant I got to shop for office supplies and actually use them.  I’ve been at my job for a few months, and I think I got a good idea of what the best office supplies are to make your office job as efficient as possible.


Sticky Notes

The best sticky notes to get are the ones you insert into a sticky note holder.  Like this one.  It’s much easier to quickly grab a sticky note from the holder sitting on your desk than to try to grab one from the pack and end of grabbing three, or scribbling on the stack you had to scramble to find only to peel off the top one to find dents all over the next one from you writing.  Also, the holder is much more aesthetically pleasing than just a pack of sticky notes flying around your desk, and you won’t lose it.

When I’m doing something more meticulous, like writing down important information that I need to copy into the computer, I like the bigger sticky notes with the lines on them (I can’t write in a straight line to save my life).  You can find them here.



I take after my mom when it comes to pens.  I admit, I have a pen fetish.  I LOVE pens, or really any writing utensils in general.  I’m very picky when it comes to my writing utensils.  I have learned that PaperMate makes the best pens.  My go-to pen is the PaperMate InkJoy pens. They’re smooth and rich in color, and very sleek looking.  I always have a spare pack in my desk just in case.  I use them every day.

Another great pen is the PaperMate Profile pen.  These are good if you prefer ball-point pens, but still like a dark color.  They’re very smooth and hardly ever skip, like a lot of ball-point pens do.



I am a die-hard Sharpie highlighter fan, the skinny ones specifically.  They’re bright, don’t smear much, and have a handy clip for on-the-go situations.  My only complaint is that if you press too hard, you’ve basically killed the highlighter’s sharp tip that makes it easy to highlight exactly what you want, instead of the space above or below it.



I have been struggling with planners my entire life.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve desired to have my life completely organized in one single place: a planner.  When I was in school, I never had the time to fill out a planner.  Teachers were always throwing a fit if you were doing anything other than staring at them, or they never gave you any downtime at the end of class to fill it out.  I quickly gave up the dream of having a cute planner early on in middle school.  BUT, now I actually have the freedom to have a cute planner and fill it in as needed.

As soon as I accepted my job offer, I dragged James to Target to do some office supply shopping. One of the bigger things I had to decide on was a planner.  I decided to go with a smaller, journal-sized planner.  It had no lines, so there was plenty of space to write down my appointments and what-not.  How much would I really be writing in there anyway?

After purchasing my supplies and starting my job, I opened up my planner to write down some basic information I knew I was going to need.  Well, turns out the planner didn’t start until July.  It was April.  I was annoyed.  Instead of using a planner, I attempted to remember everything off the top of my head and had a constant pile of sticky notes on my desk.  This was NOT the aesthetically pleasing organized set-up I was planning.

Once July came I started using my journal-sized planner.  It was going really well, but as I got smarter about writing down reminders and such, I found out I was running out of space and scribbling everywhere.  It was so ugly.  Lucky for me, school supplies had just come out, so I took a leisurely trip to Target to find a better planner.

I quickly found the cutest binder.  It’s a Blue Sky Planner.  It’s one of those really big planners that only teachers, and now me, buy. Turns out this planner is AMAZING, based on my experience with it the past couple weeks.  It has an enormous space for each day, and they’re lined so I can neatly write everything down.  I’m also thinking about writing in my planner with a pencil instead of a pen to avoid scribbles all over the place.  My favorite mechanical pencils are these.


Well, there you go. Those are the best office supplies for me.  What are your office essentials?


Much Love,


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