The Bible in One Year: Leviticus & Numbers

The Book of Leviticus. It is the third book in the bible. It’s rather short, with only 27 chapters.  It was, if I’m being honest, really boring to read, but it was also really important.

The book of Leviticus is basically God explaining how the Israelites can keep their covenant with God, even if they mess up.  He explains rituals the people can do to let their sins be forgiven. He also explains priests and their rules, and how they must be holy.

God then calls up Moses’ brother Aaron and his sons, and he makes them all priests.  There’s an incident with two of the sons, and God makes an example out of them.  God then explains clean and unclean animals, which is animals we may and may not eat. He then goes on to explain what can make a person unholy, and that if you are unholy, you may not be in the presence of God.  Finally, God wraps it up with listing and explaining the Holy feasts.

I honestly didn’t really find any verses that spoke to me.  This book was more rules than inspiration, I guess you could say.  But, overall, the book has a lot of important information that you need in order to understand how the Israelites were supposed to live and keep the covenant with God.


The book of Numbers. It is the fourth book in the bible. This book focuses on the Israelites traveling to the promise land.  The beginning of the book is God explaining the order the tribes will travel, and revisits holy and unholy people.

In the middle of the book, things go wrong.  The people begin complaining about their long journey, and plot to turn against Moses and go back to Egypt.  This obviously angers God, so he decides these Israelites will get there way, and will not be allowed to enter the promise land.  Instead, the will roam the wilderness until they die, and only their children will be allowed into the promise land.  They set off again to the promise land, but the Israelites begin to complain AGAIN!  They complain to Moses that they are thirsty; God hears them, and tells Moses to speak to a rock, and water will flow from it.  Well, Moses is frustrated too.  He hits the rock with his staff and yells at the people.  Because of this, Moses now shares the same fate as the people:  he will not be allowed to enter the promise land.

The Israelites rebel again, so God sends down poisonous snakes.  He then tells Moses to make a bronze snake and raise it up.  Anyone who looks at this bronze snake will be cured of the poisonous snake bite.  This demonstrates that God always brings justice and saves his people.

At the end of the book, they arrive to a place called Moab, it is the last place right before the promise land.  The king of Moab is concerned about all these people.  He sends a sorcerer to curse the Israelites, but he finds he can only bless them.  God sends a vision to the king of Moab.  He shows him that out of these people will rise a great king.

The very last part of the book focuses on the children.  They take a census, fight a few battles, and finally begin to settle in the promise land.

What I’ve taken away from this book is that even though the Israelites continuously complained and rebelled, God still showed them mercy, helped them, and blessed them.  Even when we are not rooting on God’s side he is still rooting for us, but he also gives us the option to make our own choices, we just have to suffer the consequences of those actions.

I have to verses that spoke out to me in this book.  They are Numbers 6:24-26 and Numbers 10:9. The first verse tells us that God will always be there and give us peace.  The other one says that if you go to war in your own land against people who oppress/do not like you, if you sound the trumpets then God will save you from your enemies.


Before I close this post up, I wanted to share with you guys a really cool YouTube channel I found. It’s called The Bible Project.  It’s a collection of videos about the Bible. Right now, I’m watching the Old Testament videos as I read them myself in my Bible.  The videos have been SUPER helpful with understanding what the Bible is telling me.  Each video gives a good summary about a portion or a whole book within the Bible. So, if you struggle with comprehending the Bible like I do, give The Bible Project a look!


Much Love,


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