Daily Routines: Work Nights

Hello all.

Welcome to another installment of My Daily Routine!  In this blog I’m going to share my work night routine.  I’m going to start it off right when I get home from work.

Once I get home from work, I greet my kitties and James, in that order.  I IMMEDIATELY change into something comfy, put up my work clothes, and lay out the next day’s clothes.  I make myself dinner, which is honestly usually just a bowl of cereal (I’m working on being healthier, okay?).  James and I usually eat dinner together on the couch and watch YouTube Videos (always Markiplier or The Try Guys).

Once we finish, I will either clean, watch more YouTube, read, scroll through social media, or budget. What I end up doing really just depends on the day and my mood.

I usually head to bed around nine or ten.  I take my medicine and play on my phone until James comes to bed, usually around eleven or twelve.  If I had it my way we’d both be in bed by ten, but James is hard-headed.  I honestly, usually cannot sleep until James is in bed too.  Once he finally decides to come to bed, I turn on my fav show Friends, and drift off to dream land.  And by dream land, I mean a dead, solid sleep (I never remember my dreams).

Okay this post was unbelievably short, so please enjoy these photos of Dally and Reesie.


Much Love,


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