Where I’ve Been

Hello all.

So y’all have probably been wondering where I’ve been the six or so months, and why I all of a sudden started writing again.  To be honest: I’m wondering the same thing.

I was so happy that I had found a hobby to keep my interest while I’m not at work.  I’ve always liked to write, and I’ve always been good at writing. But after being in school for a total of 14 years, you kind of get sick of writing.  But those days are long behind me, and I missed having projects to do in my downtime. See, I’m someone who can’t just sit in front of the TV and only watch TV. I always have to be multitasking. So for over six months all I would do is scroll through social media, and then I added budgeting my life out into the mix.  I stated reading the Bible in my spare time, but I still had this strong urge to write. I did some research, and decided that blogging would be a great way to spend my free time and talk about whatever I wanted. I started up this here blog, and I wrote so. Damn. Much.  I wrote 18 posts within a few weeks.  It was amazing.  I was so happy with myself.  But then, for some reason, I stopped writing.

I really don’t even know why.  I was really enjoying it, and I had written enough posts ahead of time that I could take my time when writing.  I honestly think that because I was having problems at work, it caused my mental health to deteriorate, which flushed any motivation I had down the drain.  But, I found a new job, my mental health is better, and I’m feeling motivated enough to start this blog up again.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post twice a week like I was, so I might just do once a week.  I’m still working on my mental health and don’t want to stress myself out.

So hello, welcome back. What day would you guys like to see me post?  What do you want to see posted to my page?  Let me know!


Much Love,

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