Daily Routines: Work Days

Hello all.

I’m back with my Daily Routine series!  Check out the first part here.  My daily work routine alternates each week due to what shift I’m working.  Read on to see what they are!

When I’m working at 8:30, as soon as I walk into the office, I set my stuff down on my chair and grab the keys to our model apartments.  The models are like show units that the company furnished and decorated, so prospects can see what they can do with the space.  I walk to each one and “open” them.  Opening the models includes turning on all the lights and opening the blinds, along with just tidying up the place to make it look presentable.

Once I finish that, I head back to the office and open the office and clubhouse.  It’s basically the same thing as opening the models, but I also make fresh coffee and popcorn.  After all that, I familiarize myself with the available apartments we have available and make an info list for me and the other girls in the office. That list is like the holy grail of leasing.

Once I’m finished with all the morning duties, I start on what we call the “que,” which is basically a list of prospects we need to follow up on that day.  If I come in at 9:00, then I immediately start working on the que. I work on that, and I also listen to phone calls and sort through them (filing them to the appropriate person’s guest card).  Doing all of that usually keeps me busy until around eleven or twelve.

Usually, once eleven or twelve rolls around I am STARVING.  I’ll heat up some chicken nugs (my fav) and eat those for lunch.  I then typically head to Starbucks too during my lunch hour.  I’ll get a green tea with raspberry and work on my budget or catch-up with James and scroll through social media.

After I return from my lunch break at Starbucks, I refresh the que and work on anything that has popped up while I was gone.  Then, I follow-up with any applicants.  Following up with applicants involves making sure everything is in place and answering any sort of questions they may have.  My planner is my life when it comes to this part of my job.  Each step of the application process has time limits and deadlines, and without my planner I would forget EVERYTHING.

Now, during the entire day I am also answering the phone, greeting and helping residents and prospects. It can get pretty busy and hectic sometimes, but I rather be busy all day than hopelessly bored.  During the times the office is pretty quiet, I try to stay busy by cleaning and organizing whatever I can.

Once 5:30 hits, I’m either out the door or in shut-down mode.  Working until 6:00 means closing down everything.  This involves cleaning the coffee pot, shutting off all the lights, locking all the doors, and shutting down the models for the night (which is just turning off the lights and closing the blinds).  I send a report to the corporate office, and I’m all finished! I bounce out the door right at 6:00, as long as everything is finished and make the 30+ minute drive home.

Stay tuned for the next installment of My Daily Routine!  I’ll be doing my work night routine!


Much Love,


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