Daily Routines: Work Mornings

Hello all.

Welcome to a new series! I thought I would do a new six–part series where I tell you guys my daily routine.  We’re gonna do morning, day, and night routines for work days and days off.  I hope you guys enjoy!

Let’s start with my work day morning routine.  My work schedule alternates one week working 8:30-5:30, and the next week working 9:00-6:00.  So, depending on the week, I get up around 7:30-7:45 or 8:00-8:15.  It takes me half an hour to get to work, so I leave at 8:00 or 8:30. Now I know what you’re thinking:  how the hell does this girl get ready in 15-30 minutes???  I’ve mastered the art of getting ready quickly.

After hitting snooze a million times on my four wake-up alarms, I finally roll out of my cozy warm bed. The first thing I do it get dressed. I always set out my clothes on my beauty table the night before.  Then, I head to the bathroom.

Naturally, the first thing I do when I get in the bathroom is let mother nature release itself.  I put on my Apple Watch, then maybe wash my face. I always at least splash cool water on myself to wake me up.  I dry off, then moisturize with Mario Bedescu Rose Water Facial Spray.  I curl my lashes, put on two coats of mascara, rub on some deodorant, and spray on some perfume (I don’t have a specific one I use all the time, but I do have a ScentBird subscription that I love).  I’m finally done with the bathroom, so off to the kitchen I go!

At this time I often say hi to my pretty kitties, Dally Alley and Reesie Piecie.  I then poor myself I some iced coffee into my venti reusable Starbucks cup, pour some granola into a cup of Greek yogurt, mix it up, and grab a banana.

I go back into the bedroom and give James a hug and kiss goodbye and do the same to the kitties. I grab my bag, keys, coffee, and breakfast and head out the door!  On my way to work I typically listen to the radio.  My favorite morning show is probably Jim, Deb, and Kevin on 95.5 WFMS.  If I’m not listening to the radio, I’m listening to Spotify or a podcast.  My favorite podcasts are The Golden Ratio and The Try Guys (seriously, go check them out).

Once I get to work I start my daily work routine!

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