US Travel Bucket List

Hello everyone! Welcome!

I want to share my travel bucket list with y’all.  Here’s part one: the U.S.



NYC (I want to see everything: a show on Broadway, the 9/11 memorial, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, and of course the shopping.)

Chicago, Illinois (Honestly, it’s ridiculous I’ve never been here, even though I live like three hours away.)

Cincinnati, Ohio (I want to see a Red’s game, and of course see the famous Cincinnati Zoo!)

Nashville, Tennessee (Home of country music? Sign me up! I HAVE to go to the Grand Ole Opry.)

Denver, Colorado (I’ve never been anywhere close to Colorado, but I’ve heard it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely have to see it for myself.)

Phoenix, Arizona (Honestly, I just want to get the feel for the place Bella Swan grew up – JUDGE ME.)

Las Vegas, Nevada (I’m actually checking this one off my list in a couple months! James’ family is from there, so we’re going to visit!)

Seattle, Washington. (I am in love with the idea with a dark, rainy, busy city.  It just sounds very aesthetically pleasing.)


San Diego

Los Angeles


San Francisco

(Basically, I just want to explore all of the major cities.)




Wallen’s Museum (Connecticut). (I’m a HUGE fan of The Conjuring movies, and of course the Wallen couple.)

Grand Canyon

Yosemite National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Colorado Springs

Fugitive Beach (Rolla, Missouri)

Hoover Dam


Honestly, there’s probably a ton more that I just can’t think of right now, but these are the main ones!


Let me know what’s number one on your U.S. bucket list!
Much Love,


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