Top 10 Things I Can Not Live Without

I’m going to share my top 10 things that I can not live without.  Some of them are a little quirky and weird, but just read along and go with it.


Here they are:

10) Cheese

Cheese. I know I look like just another fat kid when the first thing I put on my list is a fatty, savory food.  But seriously.  I love cheese.  It’s so stinkin’ good.  I will literally eat cheese as a snack.  Just cheese. No crackers, no meat, just cheese. My favorites are Colby jack and pepper jack.  SO good!!


9) Candles

Candles are so great. Specifically, Bath and Body Works’ candles: the three wick ones.  I’ll light one in my living room or bedroom and it just sets the mood for a nice, peaceful, serene moment (and by moment, I mean like three hours).  The aromatherapy and serene lighting that comes with candles puts me at ease.  I light one almost every day.  I love them!

I’m currently burning through the Bath & Body Works’ Sundrenched Vineyard candle.

8) Cacti

My ultimate dream is to own a cactus farm with James in Arizona.  That’s how much I adore cacti.  They are so cute.  I relate to them too.  They’re so cute, but if you get to close, they’ll hurt you (okay maybe I don’t relate because I’m actually a marshmallow, but I can pretend).  I think I currently have two or three cacti in my apartment. I’d have more if it wasn’t for my cat who thinks he owns all of the window sills.


7) Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have been my security blanket since elementary school.  I remember going to the eyedoctor for the first time in April or May in fourth grade, and I brought my school sweatshirt with because I was nervous – even though it was like seventy degrees outside.  I wear sweatshirts all of the time.  Even throughout the summer you can catch me with a sweatshirt in close proximity to me (if I’m not wearing it).  Every day when I get off work, I go home and immediately change into a sweatshirt. It makes me feel comfortable.


6) Earrings

SO I’ve had my ears pierced I don’t even know how many times.  It took me like three tries over the span of a few years to get my first ear piercings done and healed.  They kept getting infected.  But once I got into middle school, I decided I wanted my ears to be decorated in jewelry. So as of right now, I have both of my ears double pierced.  I also have an additional four cartilage piercings in my left ear.  I ALSO have my faith pierced on my right ear.  I absolutely love them!  I’m not the best at accessorizing, so keeping some “diamond” studs on my ears at all times makes me feel girly and pretty.  I also just really love bling.




5) Coffee

I would not be here if it weren’t for coffee.  Not only is it caffeinated, but it tastes so dang good.  Warm or iced it’s absolutely delicious.  With mocha, vanilla, raspberry, white chocolate, peppermint, it’s all good!  My goal in life is to eventually be able to drink straight black coffee because how badass is that?



4) Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine.  When I’m feeling down, having someone make me laugh makes me feel so much better.  When I think about laughing I automatically think about my sister.  Basically, ever since she could talk she has been the number one person who can make me laugh. She’s so freaking funny.  What really makes her golden is that she doesn’t even try to be funny.  The stuff she says is just naturally funny.  We also have this sister-language thing where we can just make certain eye contact at each other and we’ll just bust out laughing. She’s truly a gift.


3) Heated Blanket

I’m perpetually cold. Before I was living with James, anytime I was laying in my bed I had my heated blanket on.  Even in the summer.  Now that I have my own personal space heater at night whom I call James, I typically only use my heated blanket anytime I’m sitting on the couch in the living room, which is basically every evening and every day that I’m off work. I’d be an ice cube if I didn’t have my heated blanket.

Heated throw.jpg
I got the photo from  I bought this blanket in a checkered pattern on Black Friday for $9.99.





Okay picking spots one and two were incredibly hard for me. So instead of having a number one and number two, I’m just going to have two number ones.






1) #1 Animals

Funny story.  I used to be absolutely terrified of dogs and cats. One of my aunts had a golden retriever named Kelly and she scared the ever-living daylights out of me.  Granted I was like five and Kelly was full grown, so we were basically the same size and it was absolutely terrifying.  I remember going to the bathroom at her house and screaming at my mom and aunt through the door to make sure Kelly wasn’t going to be there and follow me when I opened the door.  Fast forward like two years and I remember getting over my fear of Kelly and all other dogs in my aunt’s backyard with my cousin Danielle.  Turns out dogs are the best things on earth and I missed out for like seven whole years.  I was so dumb.

Funny story #2.  One of my other aunts (I literally have like ten aunts so just bare with me), had a cat named Abby.  Now Abby was a fickle cat.  And by fickle she is the queen of evil cats.  She was so mean.  Even if you walked by her in the house she would either hiss at you or try to swat your leg.  She was so rude.  (side note: Abby was a momma at one point and my aunt had to lock her in the bathroom with her kittens because she refused to feed them otherwise).  Seriously.  She was the worst.

THEN this same aunt adopted two younger cats.  One of them was named Zulee.  She was young and had a lot of kitten in her.  I had these shorts that were distressed, so they had strings hanging off of them.  Zulee would sprint across the house and attack my poor legs because she wanted the stupid strings on my shorts.  I went to my aunt’s house often because she had a pool, and I HATED wearing those shorts in her house.  Abby on top of Zulee made me not the biggest fan of cats.

So eventually I got a little older and realized Abby was just a grouchy old lady.  Unfortunately, Zulee got sick and she died. L  The same aunt that owned Abby and Zulee fostered a litter of kittens.  Newborn kittens.  There were twelve of them.  I instantly fell in love with cats the moment I saw them.  My aunt ended up adopting the sick and half-blind runt of the litter, Lilly.  Unfortunetely, all of the kittens died early in their lives, except for Lilly.  I’m happy to report Lilly is still kicking at the ripe age of – I want to say 12ish.  She’s the best cuddle buddy.

So now I am the biggest lover of dogs, cats, and any other creature under the sun.  If I had the money I would adopt and save all of the animals all over the world.  Ugh. It breaks my heart knowing some people abuse animals.

Animals are my favorite and without them I wouldn’t want to be alive.  They’re the best.


This is a donkey I met at the local ice cream shop: Mrs. Curls. 
This is my cat Dally.  James and I adopted him last July.











1)  #2 Friends

No, I don’t mean my life-long besties that have been with me since birth (hint: they don’t exist).  I’m talking about the wonderful television show. Glory be to David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the creators of the best tv show, Friends.  Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer have literally saved my life.  When I was, and whenever I am, in a dark place, Friends saves me. When Friends debuted on Netflix January first of 2015, I was in a bad place.  I had watched the show before when it came on Nick at Night, and I loved it.  When I heard it was coming to Netflix, I was super excited; I decided I was going to watch the series all the way through.  Well, turns out I fell in love with the show, and it quickly became my best comfort item. I have probably watched the entire series around forty times.  Yes, you read that right. 40.  I watch it every single day.  I can’t remember the last time I went twenty-four hours without watching at least a few minutes of an episode.  It’s my comfort; it’s my lullaby.  I fall asleep to it every night.  If I’m not listening to Friends, I’m not sleeping (I’ve tried sleeping in silence or with only a fan and I’ve learned it’s just not going to happen).  The humor and laid-back flow of the show puts me in my happy place.

I got this photo from



There you have it!  My top ten things I can NOT live without!  I know some of them are a little weird, but they’re what make me, me.  I wouldn’t change any part of me.  Share with me some of your favorite things!


Much Love,


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