These are a Few of my Favorite Things- Animal Edition

Welcome back!  In this post I’m sharing ~a few of my favorite things~. I thought y’all would like to get to know me better – and what better way to get to know me than read about my favorite things?


Some of my favorite things are animals.  Animals are God’s creation; they are all so unique and cute (yes, even the snakes). Animals bring me so much joy. There’s nothing that a DoDo video can’t fix.  Here are my favorite animals:

5) Cats

As you all may know, I have a cat. He’s a black domestic shorthair, and his name is Dally.  You can read more about him -> here. Anyway, cats are so funny.  They think they rule the world – they’re the most self-entitled creatures I’ve ever met (besides a good chunk of the human population).  Very few things make me chuckle as much as cats with attitude.


4) Dogs

Omg. Dogs.  I love them.  Dogs are allowed at my full-time retail job and let me tell you: if dogs were not allowed there I would honestly probably quick.  There’s no better pick-me-up than seeing a happy-go-lucky pup strutting up to my desk for a snack.  There are even some regulars who come in and immediately find me for their snack.  It’s great!


3) Sloths

Holy moly are sloths the coolest animals to ever roam the Earth.  First of all, they literally spend like twenty hours a day sleeping. AND THEN they spend the rest of their days eating.  Sloths are complete goals.  AND they’re SO cute.  Ugh.  I can’t.

sloth calandar

P.S.  I had this calendar last year for 2018 (I got it form Urban Outfitters).  BUT I also got it for this year 2019… you can get it here on

2) Goats

I just can’t with goats. They’re freaking hilarious.  Just look at them


*Photo taken from Google Images via Farms Almanac website*

Their eyes get me every time.  SO funny. And can we talk about the fainting goats?  HILARIOUS. Watching a compilation of goats on YouTube or Facebook kills me.  Every. Single. Time.

1) Red Pandas

Low and behold #1! The ever fabulous and adorable Red Panda!  I first became obsessed with red pandas at the Indianapolis Zoo.  Sampson the red panda is the first guy you see (if you’re lucky to catch him) when you begin your walk through the forest section of the zoo.  I immediately fell in love with Sampson and the rest of his brethren that exist all over the world.  Red pandas – or at least Sampson – spend their time chillin’ in a tree and snackin’ on leaves.  I guess they’re kind of like sloths?  Someone tell me the difference in their behaviors.  Please.


*Photo taken from Google Images via Indianapolis Zoo website*

Well there you have it! My top five FAV animals!  Let me know what your guys’ favorite animals are.

Much Love,


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