My Religious Background

One series I want to do with my blog is talk about Jesus and religion.  Before I dive in to preachin’ and teachin’ and sharin’, I want to give y’all my religious background.

So I was born, baptized, and raised Catholic.

What is Catholic?

First of all, the religion is not called Catholic.  If you are Catholic, you practice Catholicism.

Catholicism is a denomination (form or branch) of Christianity. There are TONS of different denominations of Christianity.  What makes you, or a denomination Christian, if the basic rule that you follow the Bible and its teachings.  Catholicism is big on Saints and symbols.  Saints are basically people God chose to represent something.  One big thing about Catholicism that is rather different compared to other Christian religions is that Catholics pray to certain Saints about certain things.

Anyway, my mother was born and raised strictly Catholic.  My dad converted to Catholicism before he married my mom. So, naturally, I was born and raised Catholic too.  I attended St. Christopher Catholic Church and Elementary School preschool through fifth grade.  I spent the first 12 years of my life being surrounded by Catholicism.  After fifth grade I was thrown into the abyss that is public school.  Public school honestly solidified my faith.  I knew I would not survive school and life if I didn’t have God.

Praying to God has gotten me through so many obstacles throughout my life.  I am truly blessed by him and I can’t wait to share his love through a few blog posts.

If there’s anything you guys want me to share or research about religion or anything like that let me know! I’d be happy so share.

Much Love,


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