Bible in One Year

Hello everyone! Welcome!


I want to share one of my goals of 2019 with you guys.  I really want to, and am going to try to, read the Bible in one year.  I’m going to try to read it in chronological order, starting with Genesis.  The Bible has 1,189 chapters within its 66 chapters.  That means I have to read 3.257534 chapters a day for 365 days (I like to be exact).

I’ve already completed Genesis (50 chapters).  Quite frankly, it was rather boring.  There were a few interesting parts, like when God actually created the world and the repercussions after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  I was excited to move on to the next book, Job.

I’m only on chapter twelve in Job, but I can already tell this book is going to teach me a lot more than Genesis did.  So far, the story is that Job was blessed by God, and he was very grateful for it. However, the devil took all of Job’s blessings away.  Job is upset and is basically suicidal because his life is no longer good.

Honestly, I relate to Job. I had a pretty easy life growing up, but once I got to high school things started to go downhill.  I was suicidal and questioning why God was doing this to me.  I’m hoping Job finds strength and is able to continue to build a great life.  I’ll update you guys once I finish Job.

Okay that’s it.  Not much to talk about.


Much Love,






P.S.  To those of you who noticed I should be well into chapter twenty-two in Job, give yourselves a pat on the back, and pray that I’m able to quickly catch up so that I’m still on the three-chapters-a-day track.

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